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About Us

Charity Documents

The charity was established in November 2020 following the closure of the the Blackpool Bears Multi-Disability Sports Club.  It was set up by a number of parents and carers of individuals who had attended the "Bears" with the intention of providing of a similar service.

Our vision is that individuals with a disability have the opportunity to participate in exercise and sporting activities on a regular basis; can strive to achieve sporting excellence through competition and access sporting related social activities as part of a healthy lifestyle choice. 

Our goals are

  • To provide safe, reliable, enjoyable and affordable sports and exercise experiences for members

  • To enable members to improve their performance and experience competition.

  • To enable members to have the opportunity to meet and socialise with others. 

The COVID-19 crisis and the resulting social isolation had an impact on the physical and mental well-being of everyone, but the disabled community have been the hardest hit.  The charity is therefore giving emphasis to establishing activities that enable the largest number of people to safely participate whilst maintaining social distancing.   

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